Learn the Ways to Compose the Perfect Essay

  1. The fate of students:

We live in a world where students are given the least priority when administrators sit down to discuss the schedule of how things are going to go in the calendar year. Howsoever grim the start of the article might seem, it’s anything but true. For eons now, students are sent home with so much work to handle, that it will only be a miracle if they don’t get their backs broken by the end of the fall. Teachers think it wise to allot so many literary assignments without thinking twice because they think that it’s best to make use of the writing skills for students so that they can learn to write more. Now the problem is not that the teachers are wrong, their objective is very clear and it’s very pragmatic but the problem is that not everybody has got the art to write.

  1. Writing- An art:

Writing is indeed an art and not many people are born artists. They say that you can’t become a Shakespeare by practicing and that becoming better with the pen in your hands is something you can only be bestowed at birth with. Now practice can actually make your journey towards being perfect a lot easier, but the fact remains: You can’t just transform your hands into architects of stories or essays. You might be able to correct your grammar or learn how to structure a sentence the more you write, but you really can’t learn to love the thing if you are not able to do it by heart. You can’t really make a river flow on a sunny morning in between the valley of love with the birds chirping and the air, making rustling voices if you don’t possess the creativity required. Now, what to do then if you have to get your work done? You can’t just turn up on the submission day empty handed or ask for someone to write a story for you because frankly, there’s a limit to friendship and academic help, especially related to literature is something not many people can afford providing you with. You will eventually have to get your head around writing and that’s something that you definitely can’t evade.

As said before, we can’t really feed universal thoughts in your mind to make you a great writer, but these tips that are going to be mentioned below can really make your life a lot easier:

  1. Tips and tricks:
  2. Brainstorm: You need to brainstorm before you start writing. No good things can be done without preparation and you can’t really go to your teacher with a not-so-very-good essay. So, make an outline mentioning all the points that you could think about. Arrange them so that you may be able to refer to them in the right way.
  3. Divide into paragraphs: Once you have written down all the points that you need to mention, the next thing is to divide the points into paragraphs. Group the similar points together and then remember to write them in one paragraph. The linkage between the paragraphs is also necessary. Abrupt starts or ends are highly discouraged.
  4. Start writing: Let the ink flow from out the pen. Just let it do the talking from now on. As they say, write from the heart and you’ll most definitely be just fine. Just see the point that you want to mention, elaborate it a bit and just start writing.
  5. Grammar: This is something that can easily be learnt via practice. You have to make sure that you don’t mess up your grammar because this is something that could really hamper your attainment of the perfect grades. Read every paragraph after you have composed it to make sure that there’s no mistake in the grammatical sense.
  6. Vocabulary: Your vocabulary needs to be of the highest order. Forget about attainment of the best grades if you are just going to talk in slang or just going to talk like you are talking with your friend. Use the dictionary and the thesaurus to find words that would look more beautiful in the context and switch appropriately.
  7. Revise: You need to revise endlessly as well.


  1. The power of practice:

Even though practice might not be able to make you a perfect writer, still the more you practice, the more likely you are to achieve better grades. Don’t become lazy and try to avoid everything because no matter how much you try to evade working hard, at the end it’s what’s going to make you succeed.

Author’s Bio:

Mary Fernando is an exceptional writer that provides online assignment assistance service to students all over the world at exceptional rates. Her prowess to complete work on time is unmatched.


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