MBA Education for Better Career Growth

Most aspirants think, perhaps not too correctly, that MBA education is the “Open Sesame” to a world of fast track career growth, advancement, handsome pay packages and even more attractive perks, and to top it all, a world of corporate opportunities and prospects just waiting to be grabbed. While imagination is indeed a good trait, one cannot afford to be over imaginative, especially the MBA aspiration breed of achievers.

There is only one piece of advice this author would like to provide MBA aspirants- “Reach for the skies, but keep your two feet planted firmly on the ground.” In other words, there is no vice in being ambitious, but this must be tempered with knowledge and acceptance of ground realities. And to be fair, an MBA qualification is miles ahead of mere graduate studies, in scope and competitiveness.
In this paper, the author would surmise four critical aspects as to why an MBA education does well open the doors for better career growth
1. In this age and era of information technology (IT), there is need for specialized knowledge and not generalized knowledge: Specialized knowledge and market savviness is one trait that is certainly taught and demonstrated in b-schools ( read Business Schools) so this fact cannot be ignored or downplayed. B-School graduates most certainly gain better preferences in employment markets, especially when pitted against graduate aspirants, with little or no in-depth subject knowledge. At least, b-school provides some live Case Studies and mock Business Project Presentations that could stand a job aspirant in good stead, if and when the occasion demands.
2. Development of analytical skills, marketing analyses, corporate strategy planning and long term strategic planning could be better facilitated by b-school education: In business schools, perhaps the emphasis and onus is on development of skills based on live Case Studies, Business Model Presentations and Case Solutions. This is based on real-life corporate scenarios of what businesses and companies are experiencing in real life. Prior knowing and understanding of various issues, challenges and insights of business even before a career break, or start is indeed useful and encashable and b-school graduates could have a slight edge over their non b-school rivals and competitors.
3. MBAs are good team players: In b-schools the onus is indeed on brainstorming, partnerships and joint endeavors, which could be carried over into careers, big time or small time. Team playing and role modeling are important aspects since leadership, planning, building teams and enforcing performance are all team evolving aspects that are giving credence in b-schools. Thus, MBAs do help better career growth planning and enforcement. Aspects of cross cultural, cross-functional and cross- border management are all facilitated by MBA education
4. Today, employers look more in terms of contribution value and what value addition employees could provide, not in terms of how much pay and perks he justifies: When seen in terms of Contribution Value(CV) and value addition (VA+), MBAs with sound entrepreneurial, technical and analytical skills rank better in terms of payload, performance and deliverable. This justifies all the more reasons to pursue an MBA degree in key specializations like finance, marketing and HRD, to name a few. These professionals justify their presence in terms of solid performance, payload and prospects.
To some traditionally bound firms, an MBA degree may not be worth more than the paper on which the MBA degree/diploma was awarded. To other evolving and progressive minded firms, an MBA could make all the difference between business successes and failures, peak solvency versus bankruptcy and a highly motivated and successful work force as compared with a weak, lethargic and demotivated group of individuals existing in a firm.
Author Bio:
Tanya Schenck specializes in content writing and works for American essay writing service, a writing service with a passion of helping out the students with their writing excellence and ability. Her areas of interests are very wide, but mostly she writes for educational websites and blogs.


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