GMAT Preparation Tips for Study in UK

GMAT is a major milestone to achieve in the road to pursuing a degree from a top university. The exam is recognized worldwide by leading educational institutions for selecting candidates worthy enough to pursue education. United Kingdom has plenty of institutes that conduct admissions through GMAT. If you are looking to gain admission in one of these institutes this post is about the same.

Foe students looking to gain admissions in institutes abroad, GMAT is an important juncture. Many consider it to be an entrance exam solely for MBA course; however, there are many non-MBA graduate management programs pursuing which requires taking the GMAT exam. Preparation is essential for success as the competition is quite tough. While preliminary preparation requires knowing the test structure, format and types of questions that are being asked, further preparation requires one to understand the basic concepts of Math and English. Here are some tips to start your business education through GMAT:

Get familiar with the exam:  Your initial goal should be getting as familiar as you can with the GMAT.  To start with, study The Official Guide for GMAT Review and also give a thorough study Quantitative and Verbal guides as well. By the end of a month you should be able to know what will come in the final exam by taking at least two GMAT Prep Tests and also have a thorough understanding of your strengths and weaknesses.


Work on your weaknesses:  Once you have an idea about the areas where you lack, it is time to strengthen those areas. Use a log to track your progress and the errors you normally do while solving a question paper. Find the root cause of repeated errors and correct your concepts and topics regarding those errors. You can join a short term course in quantitative ability or English for the same as required.

Keep yourself fit & healthy:  A sound mind lives in a sound body. If you keep yourself hale and healthy then your abilities to learn will automatically increase. Take good care of yourself especially in days before the exam. Eat good and sleep for ample hours. You won’t be able to score your best if you feel anxious or haven’t had enough sleep for your body.   Use stress busters like hanging out with friends or playing games on your PSP or talking with your family members to keep everything normal.

Improve English Skills: For applying to colleges in United Kingdom you definitely need to have excellent English skills. In case your first language is not English it becomes all the more important for you to give extra efforts and time for improving your written skills. Devote time for verbal section of the exam for which you will require purchasing the Official Guide for GMAC Verbal Review that consists of a number of previous year GMAT questions along with the answers and explanations.

Learn time management: Taking GMAT exam requires proper time management skills. Devoting too much time on a single question will automatically reduce the time for other questions. If you are finding a question too time consuming then it is not appropriate to spend too much time on it, just take a calculated guess and move on to the next question.  Another important tip to save time is to learn shortcuts for solving long quantitative problems.

 Take as many sample tests as you can: Identifying weak areas requires you to take as many mock exams as you can. This will give you an idea about the topics that require further study. For the same, either you download the question papers from the official website or you can pursue some form of preparatory course from a reputed institute.


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