The Underdogs of Engineering Colleges

Quality education seems to be the mantra of colleges in Ahmedabad. The following article takes you on the same boulevard and tells you how they managed to survive and gained top position in the country.

This is again that time of the year when all the aspirants are engaged in filling forms for the admission in top colleges in the country.  This is the first step they take towards their dream and second step would be to enter the top most engineering colleges and everyone is aware of the fact that Ahmedabad is the place to be for the same. Colleges in Ahmedabad have created a niche of their own since the education system commenced in India. Every year students face admission rush in these colleges of the same as everyone has a desire to kick start their education with a bang.

India is a place where engineers are graduated in bulk however only few are placed in the notable organizations. There is no shortage of premier colleges in the country but Ahmadabad is the place where the quality education speaks out loudly and promises an illuminated career for the deserving candidates. Some of the prominent colleges in the respective city are Indus Institute of Technology & Engineering, Institute of Information and Communication Technology, L.J Institute of Engineering & Technology, LD College of Engineering and Indus University- Institute of Information and Communication Technology. The above listed colleges in such a small developing city have not only survived while competing with the colleges of metropolitans but also they have exhibited radical improvement in the quality of education. Gujarat has always been titled as the most developing state in the country and education has played a major role in the state.

The success rate of these colleges in Ahmedabad is constantly on rise. Every year thousands of students flock to Ahmedabad with a dream to study and gain valuable education. These colleges in a way have acted like the underdogs. They are here to stay and are definitely in the race of revolutionizing the way engineering colleges are treated.


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