Assaying the Interior Designing Industry

The design industry of India believes in creating aesthetic and visually appealing patterns – be it geometric or abstract – creating beautiful homes with the help of different concepts, colors and patterns is the new way of beautifying homes. In this article, we will explore the interior designing industry of India and its future.

What is Interior Designing?

Interior designing is the assemblage of many related projects that help in transforming indoor space into an operational setting that is useful yet attractive. The process of interior designing is carried out by professional interior designers. As the interior designer you will be required to make optimum utilization of the given space. This profession is multifaceted and consists of conceptual development, regular interaction with the owners of the project and execution of the concept.

The Career Path

It is always good to have preliminary knowledge of the field you wish to work in. Interior Designing is a field that demands comprehensive know-how. One can always plan a career in this discipline by first enrolling for an educational course. You must have an inclination towards drawing, designing and decoration.

A course in this discipline will teach you about architecture, fittings and furniture artifacts, and managerial skills. You will be practically trained to analyze and come up with home solutions that are effective and efficient and yet are visually appealing.

Future Prospects

Due to the rise of real estate in India, the demand for interior designers is expected to grow immensely. Currently, there is a shortage of professional interior designers in the country. With more homes being constructed and more people wanting to re-invent their residences and offices, there is a rising need for qualified professionals. One can join an interior designing firm or also set up one’s own business. There is ample employment scope in this industry. The monthly salary for freshers may start from about Rs 10,000, while for the experienced professionals it can range between Rs 30, 000 and Rs 75,000.

There is enormous requirement for qualified interior designers in India. Therefore, it is highly advisable to pursue an interior designing course from an accredited design institute.


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