Engineering Education in Ancient India

Ancient India has been a centre of scientific and technological studies to a large extent. The following blog post traces the history of engineering in ancient India.

One of the most coveted fields of higher education, there are several engineering colleges in India that offer degrees and diplomas in various branches of study.Though engineering as a discipline arrived in India in the latter half of the nineteenth century, existence of the same can be traced back to thousands of years. Let us take a quick look at the same.

The world-famous Indus Valley Civilization is witness to the same. People of the Indus Valley Civilization did not build monuments that were sky-high, but excavations made much later by archaeologists prove the engineering marvel of the times.

Later excavations have proved that there existed well-planned street grid and elaborate drainage system. Orderly walled cities of massive brick buildings, great baths with excellent drainage system are examples of engineering that the people of the civilization indulged in. Excavations have also found that by using weights and measures, the inhabitants had developed a sophisticated system of standardization. Evidences also show that Calibration also existed in the measuring devices along with multiple subdivisions in case of certain devices.

In the later years, medieval India also records a high instance of engineering marvel. The origins of Indian cartography can also be traced to the Indus Valley civilization. Existence of cosmological drawings, large scale constructional plans and cartographic materials uphold the importance that the inhabitants attached to technology in order to ensure a smooth life. Docks were constructed within the fringes of the city.

However, it can be said that this was just the beginning. Moving on to the Medieval Ages and especially the Vedic Age, “Indian engineers” had loads to offer that stand a shining examples of engineering in ancient India.

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