Do You Have the Knack to Become a Criminal Lawyer

Are you willing to seek a career in Criminal Law? If yes, then read on to know about a promising career in the field.

Law is a profession in India that includes several specializations in different fields like Health, Civil, Family, Criminal and Tax Law. Criminal law is one of the most lucrative and highly paid professions in India. Criminal lawyers are legal professionals authorized by law to render their services to protect the legal rights of their clients. Some common work areas in the field include criminal trial, crime against women, murder, and kidnapping. 

Job Prospects

Lawyers in the specialization are in great demand in government sector where they can be employed as defense lawyer or public prosecutor. They are also appointed as private lawyers in different criminal cases.


In order to practice law in India, the aspiring candidate needs to hold a degree in law. Some of the courses of study in this field include crime procedures, white-collar crime, plea bargaining, and international criminal law. After completing the Bachelor’s degree in law, the candidate can practice under a well-established criminal lawyer. Some of the prestigious law colleges in India include Punjabi University; National Law University & Judicial Academy, Assam; National Law School of India, and Government Law College, Mumbai.


These professionals are known to earn a high salary package. It is a profession where earning mainly depends on your popularity and experience in the field. Thus, many renowned lawyers can even demand few lakhs from their clients to fight a criminal case for them.

Skills Required

This job role requires dealing with laws involved in crime. To become a professional lawyer in criminal law, the candidate needs to have certain aptitudes and skills apart from law degree and license. These include Communication Skills, Critical Thinking, Sharp Memory, and Organizational Skills.

So, if you think you have all the qualities to become a successful lawyer, a bright future is waiting for you!


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