Top Engineering Colleges as Per Infrastructure

Engineering continues to be the most favoured courses opted by Indian students at the higher education level. The following post takes a look at the top 10 engineering colleges in India as per infrastructure and facilities.

Nothing can come close to technical education while it comes to higher education in India. Engineering has been, still is and hopefully will continue to be the favourite course pursued by Indian students. When it comes to engineering education in the country, the top slot continues to be dominated by the Indian Institutes of Technology spread across several Indian states.

Post-independence, the Government of India decided to invest in technical institutes modeled after the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Thus the plan was laid and the first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) was established in 1951 in Kharagpur, near Kolkata. Seven years later, western India had its first major technical college when the Indian Institute of Technology was established in Mumbai. This was followed by Delhi and Kanpur. Currently there are sixteen IITs in the country with IIT-BHU being formed only in 2012. Though founded way back in 1919, the institute received the status of an IIT in 2012.

Of late, the IITs have also been ranked according to various gradations such as placements, infrastructure, academic excellence and many others. Let us take a quick look at the same.

According to latest reading and researches, IIT-Kanpur retains the first position among the institutes in India meant for technical education. Continued top billing, confirms the institute’s commitment to excellence. The institute has introduced a new module for academics by accepting the Academic Programme Review Committee report. The most important development worth mentioning is, providing the students with an open style of academics. The undergraduate programme now focuses more on interdisciplinary studies so that students get a wider perspective of knowledge. IIT-K has already introduced interactive and collaborative models of teaching. Other options such as completing B.Tech in two disciplines in 5 years are in the pipeline, which is to be introduced from the next academic session.

Moreover, the freedom provided to the students and the faculty in both academic and non-academic activities makes IIT-K a unique institution. The freedom is double –edged since it offers students a new way of learning as well as living. The freedom has been translated into a significant rise in the research work covering at least Rs. 100 crores from government, private and international agencies.

These days, undergraduate students are expressing a keen interest in research work which was formerly the forte of a postgraduate student. One such ambitious project was the Satellite Imaging for Rail Navigation. The institute is also focusing in completing a research work on information and communication technology venture to meet the country’s huge demand for agriculture. IIT-K is all set to develop organic solar cells in order to produce solar energy. In its golden jubilee year, IIT-K has established a new pattern for identifying high impact research projects.

Next in pipeline happens to IIT-Delhi. The infinite freedom, scholarships and a endless aspiration to remain sensitive to the necessities of the society makes IIT-D one of the top notch engineering colleges in India. The college also has a First Year Teaching Council that helps in fostering discussions and workshops in order to motivate students.

IIT-Delhi is followed by IIT-Kharagpur that ramped up its infrastructure on the eve of its diamond jubilee. It introduced programmes such as engineering entrepreneurship, master’s programme in infrastructure design and management, executive MBA and water resource management. The institute is all set to bring about a merger of medical and engineering. They are looking forward to leveraging technology in order to create a new scheme of healthcare expertise.

The rest of the institutes follow suit. The rest of the IITs, and other institutes like National Institutes of Technology, Birla Institute of Technology are also rated among the list. Provided below is a list of the top ten engineering colleges in the country according to infrastructure and facilities.

  • IIT- Kanpur
  • IIT- Delhi
  • IIT Kharagpur
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani
  • IIT- Mumbai
  • IT-BHU, Varanasi
  • Delhi Technological University, Delhi
  • IIT – Roorkee
  • NIT- Tiruchirapalli
  • IIT- Chennai

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