Campus Life at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

IIT Madras happens to be one of the premier engineering institutes in the country. However, in the IITs there is life beyond books and laboratories. The following blog post takes a look at the campus life at IIT Madras.

IIT madrasKnown as the ‘Gateway to the South’, Chennai is an important educational hub of the country and boasts of a literacy of rate of 90.33 percent. Home to a large number of educational institutes, one can choose from various courses, right from engineering to medical, and journalism and liberal arts. Some of the best educational institutes in the country like Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Asian College of Journalism, University of Madras are located in this city. Let us take a quick look at them.

About the IIT Madras:

Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (IIT Chennai) was founded in 1959 with financial and technical assistance from erstwhile West Germany. A residential institute, one of its unique features is that, the campus occupies a portion that was formerly a part of the Guindy National Park. Because of this, much of the campus is a protected forest; pretty often deer can be spotted here.

One of the premier engineering institutes in the country, IIT Madras, is not only about academics. If you were under the impression that life in IIT Madras is all about shuttling between laboratories, books, exams and placements, life in IIT Madras has more to it.

Life at IIT Madras

The institute provides hostel accommodation for both male and female students. There are 18 hostels that are termed as Halls of Residencies that accommodate both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Named after rivers like Krishna, Kaveri and Godaveri, the hostels can accommodate more than 1500 students.

The institute is known for extracurricular activities and the Fifth Estate is the official media body of IIT Madras that gives an insight into the happenings of the campus. The Open Air Theatre hosts a weekly movie every Saturday night that accommodates at least 7000 students.

IIT M has an active National Service Scheme (NSS) team that not only supports various NGOs but also contribute towards several social causes. Since its inception, the NSS has achieved several milestones—from working on Braille magazines and other technological inventions.


This is not enough. A very different picture of the campus life at IIT Madras is about to emerge soon. For example, students might get to play games like ‘Mafia’, a game involving logical reasoning that usually goes till the wee hours of morning. Or may be about a new invention about a student came up with a new project titled, ‘A bicycle that balances itself’.

Recently, the institute has launched a unique equipment titled ‘IIT M TV’ that will present everything captivating that happens on the campus. Activities like the initial ice breaking treasure hunt titled ‘Queen of Sheeba’ and others. The equipment aims at covering such fun activities and sharing them with everyone.

Since part of the campus is also a protected forest, one can easily spot deer roaming around in the early hours of morning. Videos of such a sight are definitely meant to be captured. Other objectives of the initiative are to capture and showcase the best farewell videos made by former IIT-M students. The activity is not only about clicking the only Maple tree in the campus, but about the entire campus life, from the best dish available at the canteen to the hidden routes and the best hangouts on campus.

Students who are interested in photography and filmmaking can engage themselves in these activities. The shots captured will be edited and eventually uploaded on video-sharing website Youtube.

Apart from all these, students definitely get to be a part of the fests Shaastra (Technical Fest) and Saarang, the Cultural Fest. The technical festival is the only ISO 9001:2000 certified student festival in the world and even Saarang has been recently certified by ISO 9001:2008. Apart from that, several other festivals keep happening throughout the year organized by various departments.

Life at IIT Madras is definitely worth living.


About the Author:

The author of this post has completed her M. Tech program from IIT Madras, one of the top engineering colleges in India.


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